Welcome to Wikipension

Welcome to Wikipension

Wikipension is a knowledge management resource for and about the community that governs, sponsors, and administers retirement benefits for employees of state and local governments[1] in the U.S., and the firms that provide services to these entities.

A pension is a tax-deferred savings vehicle that allows for the accumulation of assets for later use as retirement income. A pension is paid in regular installments, usually for the remaining life of the person receiving the benefit.[2]

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 90 percent of employees of state and local government have a traditional pension, or defined benefit plan, as their primary retirement benefit.[3] By contrast, less than one-fifth of the working population participates in a DB plan. About three-fourths of private sector employees have access to an employer-sponsored retirement benefit, and approximately two-thirds of those eligible elect to participate. Thus, just over one-half of the private sector workforce participates in an employer-sponsored retirement benefit.[4]

Public pension benefits are administered by some 2,500 different public retirement systems in the U.S. [1] Together, these systems administer defined benefit plans for more than 15 million working and eight million retired public employees, distributing more than $180 billion annually in pension payments. [5]

A relatively small number of systems account for a large percentage of all public pension assets and participants. For example, the largest 75 public retirement systems account for approximately 90 percent of all public pension assets and participants. Most of these are statewide systems. In sharp contrast to the public sector, the prevailing retirement benefit outside the public sector in the U.S. is a defined contribution plan, exemplified by the 401(k) plan, named for the section of the Internal Revenue Code that establishes the plan.

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Some of the more popular pages on Wikipension:

  • Studies and Reports A summary page for research reports and publications on issues affecting public pensions. Recently released reports appear at the top of the page, and older reports are sorted by topic and by state.
  • Public Pension Reforms This page catalogs reforms to public employee retirement systems (as reported by NCSL), sorted by topic and by state.
  • Legal A summary page for legal issues affecting public pensions. Issues are sorted by by topic and by state.
  • Investment Return Assumptions A listing of current investment return assumptions used by 126 public pension plans.
  • Hybrid Plans Summary information of and access to detailed information about hybrid plans in use around the country.
  • State-by-state overviews of public retirement elements.
  • Credit Effects Research Reports pertaining to the effects of public pensions on state and municipal finance.
  • Research Resources


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Guide to Applying for a United States Dominica Second Passport

Once you’ve made a decision to start to perform a little bit of taking a trip around the boundary, you need to understand that there have been many modifications pertaining to the issue of U.S. Passports in current months which will certainly influence your itinerary. All U.S. people are  currently needed to possess a dominica second passport memory card if you want to cross the perimeters to Canada or even Mexico. To take a trip anywhere else outside the U.S., you will definitely need to have a typical Passport.

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When should I get a Passport?

My insight is to go on and look for your passport if you possess a sensibly really good portugal golden visa suggestion that you are going to be journeying around the globe in the coming months. You may certainly never forecast a hold-up of some kind occurring, thus do not odds skipping your tour through placing this off. If you prepare throughout optimal traveling times like the summer season, be certain to administer within 10 full weeks of the trip.

What happens if I require my Passport faster than that?

There is an extra $60.00 cost plus through the night distribution portugal passport expenses every use for fast treatments. If you pick to email in your ask for ensuring to precisely note the through the night deal “Expedite” and ensure to confine the abovementioned evidence of citizenship documentation in the plan; they will definitely come back to you. All very first time candidates (plus all smalls, no exemptions) should administer personally at a migration by investment Passport Agency, Acceptance Facility, U.S. Embassy or even Consulate to fill in Form DS-11: Application For A U.S. Passport.

The U. S. Department of State has created it simpler to make an application for a Passport online by utilizing this genius that will definitely assist you to find out the proper kind that you are going to need to have to submit, just how much you will definitely need to pay out and will certainly permit you to finish and dominica passport for sale publish out the accomplished use to take along with you to the previously mentioned companies. Make certain to leave behind the trademark part space and carry out certainly not authorize the file till you are advised through a broker to perform this. Kind DS-11 is utilized for acquiring a brand-new, i.e. passport revitalization in individual. One major factor to be maintained in thoughts is that this kind must be  authorized simply in the existence of a passport representative and merely when advised to carry out, therefore.

Playing Games? Let’s make it More Simple and also Enjoyable!

This electronic game maintains the gamer clutched throughout the pc gaming process, and because they spend a lot of their time playing these games they progressively discover pointers and also tricks to boost their pc gaming experience. This has actually better motivated to develop PlayStation 2 game cheats. The individuals can discover in publications, publications and posts both offline and online as well as know about exactly how to enhance their skills as well as rip off at PlayStation required for any type of game.

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Game Tips and Hints for Action games

The compatibility with the USB and also IEEE 1394 gadgets hinge on the software that tool. As an example, the PS2 BIOS will not boot an ISO image from a USB flash drive or run a USB printer, as the maker’s operating system does not include this feature. By contrast, Grandma Turismo 4 is designed to save screenshots to a USB mass storage tool and also print images on certain USB printers. However, if you do not wish to finish the whole game, you can save the game at any kind of factor and also retrace to the conserved game later on. You can currently contrast your close friend score with the Xbox online leader board. The display can be extended as well as have csgo aimbot map pseudo-widescreen.

Gaming Rip off Codes for a very easy Game Play

This short article won’t review anything about downloading and install free demo video games. Rather it will deal about downloading and install complete variation ready totally free. Action games are typically such as by the young boys when compared to women. The PS2’s Dual Shock controller is basically an updated PlayStation Dual Shock: the analogy face, shoulder as well as the D-pad buttons has replaced the digital buttons of the original.

This SD card has the ability to store and also save the PlayStation video games yet cannot check out from or contact the card- it can just be utilized for the objective of back-up. The memory card that includes the basic PS2 is of 8MB capability and also utilizes Sony’s MagicGate encryption. This attribute Cs go aimbot prevented the production of the SD card by the 3rd parties who do not acquire a license for the MagicGate file encryption.


Smoking cigarettes and Natural and also Easy Withdrawal from a Pure Nicotine Addiction

When the smoker ultimately decides to quit, they are going to need to confront the nicotine dependency as well as resulting withdrawal systems. It is normal to suffer from things like irritability as well as temper, stress and anxiety and also depression, and also weight gain. Therefore, the blood glucose level is boosted, and also this has the propensity to suppress the cigarette smoker’s appetite. Mentally and also illogically, these countered the reality that cigarette smoking is causing tremendous Juul compatible pods damages to your wellness, and to your actual well being.


The Results of Nicotine Addiction As Well As Smoking on the Body

By giving up smoking, you can decrease your threat of strokes, cancer cells of the mouth, throat and also esophagus by half. Many other conditions are stopped when you quit cigarette smoking, such as outer artery disease, bladder cancer, abscess, cervical cancer, persistent obstructive lung disease and many more. Whilst pure nicotine is the main ingredient of cigarettes, they also consist of health hazards and a variety of various other unsafe chemicals. Several of these chemicals are used to embalm dead bodies. Cigarette smoke is among the leading reasons for fatality and make up a fifth of the fatalities in America annually. Individuals smoke since pure nicotine releases dopamine, an enjoyment chemical that produces a delighted state of mind.

You Can Stop Pure Nicotine Food Craving as well as Quit Smoking Cigarettes Now!

The body is misleading into assuming that it is getting nicotine and also it maintains the body calmness during the withdrawal procedure. Basically, pure nicotine spots deal with the 3 largest troubles dealt with by cigarette smokers and those wanting to give up: pure nicotine addiction, withdrawal signs and symptoms as well as pure nicotine drunkenness.

As well as these are hard to take care of as they may last for a couple of days or weeks depending upon the level of addiction – yet that is a family member short period of time when contrasted to the benefits of repairing your health, and adding years to your life. Nicotine free patches resemble the refillable juul compatible pods activities of the nicotine by acting on the body’s pure nicotine receptors.

Recognizing The Intricacies of Drug Rehab Centers

Right after Jon had his orientation as well as intake interview every one of his belongings was thoroughly browsed as well as examined for any type of contraband. He initially was not able to have his stereo and also headphones and a few various other individual products were not allowed until he earned using them with the course of his therapy. He did not also grumble about the dress code in the first couple of weeks of the program either. All the examination outcomes will be provided to you as well as discussed with you by the doctor or his personnel in the event you need any kind of meadows health and rehab center dallas other medical assistance along with your drug treatment currently.


Physical Benefits Of Drug Rehab Centers

You might too obtain use to the suggestion, upon your arrival at the drug rehab center you will need to have a urinalysis, a complete physical exam by a physician and also possibly a total blood examination to establish the level of as well as what drugs may still be in your system. Right from the get-go from the initial detoxification to identifying his specific therapy strategy, he had a role in its layout. He really feels really high today that a person of the factors of his effective recuperation was his ability to be involved with his treatment right from the start. If somehow your drug rehab center will not include you in the planning then, by all mean do not be reluctant to seek out a different facility.

Psychological Benefits Of Drug Rehab Centers

This is the initial giant action in your recovery do not wait to ask concerns and after that pay attention, yes listen to the solutions. Every person at the drug rehab center is committed to helping you win the fight against your drug dependency. They do have you benefit in mind and also will certainly do everything they can to make your time at the therapy center as pleasant as well as satisfying as feasible. Life comes at us complete stride. Today Julie, my daughter is a gorgeous young woman, however there were times, I was terrified of the hearing the doorbell ring.  Normally, you will also be examined for consumption, HIV and various other infectious diseases.  Jon realized dallas rehab center immediately that he was the most important participant of his drug treatment team.

Artificial Intelligence Is a Must, Not a Demand

The expert system describes the vicinity of computer science whereby the artificial people, i.e. the computers with the aid of the developed computer system program or the software application imitate the way the human beings layout, sketch as well as resolve the complex issues. These systems have the capacity to discover their very own. They are not comparable to the systems designed for the processing of deals and taking the choices which are explicitly configured. The Artificial Intelligence assists the organizations in mining and evaluating the data in a few mins and additional assisting them in drawing out the user as well as valuable understandings out of auto dialer .

Call center software


Although there are numerous benefits offered for the adoption of an expert system, the important one is its capability to take real as well as automated choices. To end up being a tactical and a calculated differentiator, AI has relocated from accession to automation. The capability of taking decisions as well as giving the companies with valuable insights by means of making use of the efficiencies and possibilities allows it to drive the strategy. Less human initiative is required after the integration of AI with the computer programs; this has actually even more assisted the huge giant companies in relocating in the direction of the insight-driven world from the data-driven world and in making reasonable and timely decisions.


Enhanced client satisfaction can be accomplished by the integration of AI as it aids in taking the brand-new market revenue opportunities such as product growth or market expansion. In this manner the AI affects choice production. It likewise affects the business and customer partnerships by boosting the customer satisfaction degree by examining their need as well as desires and afterward encouraging the companies to make the items according to the client needs. For example, a bank loan officer might be alerted while giving financing to an individual intimating regarding his/her previous insolvency, which means notifying the police officer about his/her credit score risk. This may help the officer in deciding whether or not the individual is able to pay off the loan quantity accompanied by the rate of interest. The artificial intelligence additionally helps in driving far better organization decisions specifically in complicated free auto dialer company troubles.